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Happy International Mother Language Day

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Happy International Mother Language Day from the members of Chameli. We are proud to be multilingual with many members speaking not just English but also Urdu, Punjabi, Mirpuri, Hindi and Bengali.

Did you know it was Bangladesh’s initiative to officially make 21st February as Ekushey February also known as Language Movement Day. UNESCO then proclaimed it on 17th November 1999 as ‘International Language Day’ and formally recognised it in 2002.

Mother Language Day is part of a broader initiative "to promote the preservation and protection of all languages used by peoples of the world" as adopted by the UN General Assembly on 16 May 2007 in UN resolution 61/266, which also established 2008 as the International Year of Languages.

Shaheed Minar (Martyr Monument) commemorates the 21st February 1952 Bengali Language Movement demonstration.

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